Worth The hype?

Is In-N-Out Worth the Hype?

This question has been on my mind for YEARS!!!! I had no clue if it was simply an urban myth or what if the most amazing cheeseburger really did exist out in the Western part of the country.

I knew that on my second trip to Las Vegas, Nevada that I HAD to make the time within my conference (I was traveling for work) to stop by In-N-Out to see if it measured up to the hype of the public.

“ In-N-Out…because there are only three things on the menu. Burger. Burger with sauce. Burger with sauce and pickles.”
Jay Combes

Let Me Paint the Picture

Let’s just say the experience was most certainly different… Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t expecting a limo to take us there where white gloved men would hand over our order. But I did expect something special in the service or the menu. When we travel to Las Vegas, we don’t rent a vehicle because we typically walk or take an Uber to get around. In most cases we stay at the hotel that the conference is being hosted at and spend most of our time there. Let me just set the stage for that moment because I’m hoping that’s what happened. Possibly, a collection of events strung together that just didn’t “Wow” me.

Jay, Bryan (our videographer), and myself hopped into an Uber to head over to In-N-Out for dinner. For the record, NONE of us had tried it before so we were all amused to see what the other’s reactions would be. Driving in someone else’s vehicle while it’s weaving around and trying to get out of the hustle & bustle of the city was the first leg of our adventure. I’m also quite certain that it’s frowned upon to take people through a drive through in an Uber but I’ve done this a few times.

Picture this…4 people in a vehicle. The one who is driving us is a complete stranger & extremely emotionless about getting us through a drive-thru to the window. When we pull up, it was awkward. I was expecting to see a menu. One was certainly there, but it wasn’t really ‘exciting’ to me. Bugers. You had your choice of hamburger or cheeseburger. Then french fries for you side. But, it was…let’s say, underwheming.

Laugher rang out from each of us. Hmm…that’s it? No other sides? What are the “special sauces”?

We were really back to the basics here. I remeber thinking, ‘maybe that’s why some people like it.’

What’s Your Vote on In-N-Out?

For me, I felt like it was nothing to write home about. I’m hoping to try it out one more time to see if it was a fluke. Maybe next time, I’ll walk inside to dine in to share if that experience is any different!

Worth the Hype OR Pass Honey