Today, I am reminiscing on the most perfect Kentucky Derby Party that I was invited to attend with an incredible group of women! I was thrilled to have Taylor Mathews join me!

East Tennessee Boss Babes is a group of women that I’m a part of that is filled with local influencers, bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Truly, each babe in our group amazes me! I am inspired and humbled to be a member now and have gained meaningful friendships with incredible women, along with the support and push to be uniquely me, through my own journey to be a blogger.

Thank you again, East Tennessee Boss Babes for hosting such a memorable event that was filled with some phenomenal vendors that they hand selected to entertain us all evening. Also, I wanted to share what the event was like with a MAJOR shoutout to the woman who can literally do anything! She’s a serious entreprenuer (from her boutique, tanning salon, and photography skills) my friend, Kaitlyn Winstead, made such a beautiful video (Above) capturing the highlights of the night! I had to share her work because I feel like she showcased the night so beautifully!

Reasons Why I Love the Kentucky Derby:

  • It Reminds Me of My Home State – That’s right, I’m a Kentucky girl in a Tennessee world now. I love Knoxville,TN but Kentucky as a whole will always have a huge piece of my heart.
  • The Horses – When you see the thoroghbreds that are competing in the races, it truly opens your eyes to how powerful and beautiful these creatures are. You can really feel their energy and see the determination in their eyes. They want it just as much as any other person, family, owner, jockey, or horse there. The significance of the day and their performance just fills the air and it’s magical.
  • The Fashion – Let’s face it. Derby hats and derby digs are half of the reason to show up to show out! This day is all about the colors, fashion, history, and excellence of a time tested tradition of racing. It’s a joy to see the creativity that is displayed from the celebrity box seats to the college kids inside the track!
  • The History – This day means so much more than simply horse racing, mint juleps, winning tickets, and fashion. The true legacy lies in the names of the horses to discover their lineages. It’s so special to hear about the geneology of the competitors, the history of the trainers, and the careers for the jockeys. 

None of this would have been possible without a very big shout out to ALL the vendors who participated to make our event with the East Tennessee Boss Babes one to remember!

This event was incredibly special to me. I found my girl tribe here in Knoxville and never felt more at home as I met an entire group of strangers. These women lift me up daily and I try to give my whole heart to my friends as well. The Kentucky Derby party was such a great way to showcase the East Tennessee Boss Babes and most importantly these incredible vendors who made the event so exciting. From drinks to a dj and delicious food to a breathtaking garden. This entire night was pure bliss with some of my best friends, now. I’ll never forget the day I met ALL of them!

  • Venue-Dara’s Garden
  • Catering-Rothchild Catering
  • Bartending- Single Barrel
  • DJ- Special Notes
  • Photo Booth- Oh Snap
  • Photography- Mandy Hart
  • Photography- Devon Clevenger with Devon Adrianne Photography

Do You Celebrate The Kentucky Derby?