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Kids Grow SO Fast!

It’s only been 3 months and WOW, I realize now how fast kids can outgrow their clothes!

I also think it’s really important to share that they & you need to love what is in their closet. Invest in some timeless pieces if you know you’re not finished having children. Try to keep some things gender-neutral and go for quality in these pieces when you know they’ll need to last.

Alright, I’ll be the first to say that during late-night feedings immediately postpartum…I was struggling in SO many ways.

Realizations and Struggles as a First Time Mom

As most first-time moms (FTMs) do, breastfeeding was a huge challenge for me. I found myself looking at my son most nights during any and every feeding. But after the first 2 weeks when we were getting in our rhythm, it was exactly that. I was up with him. We were both tired. I needed something to keep my mind off the still raging hormones and waves of confusion that many first-time moms feel.

So, I began my research on baby clothes since we didn’t have much to start with.

Start Off Buying Gently Used or Look for Local Consignment Shops/Pop Ups

A few good friends recommended a new mother’s consignment shop that rotated each quarter for seasonal clothes that were available to shop just a couple of days. I went to my first one with the girls, and it was so neat to see how they had organized it all, that new moms and expecting moms were a priority to shop so they could stock up before shopping was opened to the public. That’s when I knew I just needed a few items of clothing that I wanted to get gently used because I wasn’t sure how big our little one was going to be.

I thought it was best for me to shop for pants and some onesies. Easy items that could be paired and used were literally a fraction of the cost. These items are ones that I spaced out in sizing and knew they’d be enough to get us going for our little man.

I Didn’t Put ANY Clothes On the Baby Registry for a Reason

We were in the process of selling our home at the time and unsure where we would be next. I didn’t put any clothes on the baby registry and just wanted to get the items we needed most. I knew I am a bargain hunting queen and would find some great items & when the time came, that I would purposefully shop for quality and for items that I loved and not just simply items that were there and convenient.

Wasn’t Expecting THAT…

I am so thankful for that consignment and the wonderful tip to go there! But…I’ve officially run into a snag where our little one has sized up and his outfits aren’t right for the weather changes. I only had pants for this larger size so now, we hadn’t been gifted, shopped, or thrifted for these sizes in other items.

The Baby Market is INSANE!

I’ve done my research on so many brands late at night while feeding my son. I’ve realized there is some interesting hype around certain materials and brands. Literally, a cult-like gathering of sorts for certain brands and drops for various collections and prints. Did I get sucked in? Yes. For a moment. But now, I’ve tried out multiple brands, of flashy prints and boojie patterns…I am ready to tone it down. I see the need to invest in basics and that quality doesn’t necessarily need to mean expensive.

So, here we are. Looking at the first beautiful week of October & embracing all the Fall things whether the weather likes it or not.

I want sweaters but it’s hot. I want to get ready but it’s raining. I want to show Carson the world but we are both exhausted. It’s quite the balancing act still as we are 3 months together as a family of three (+ 2 dogs).

Coincidentally enough, I’ve also noticed that I could really care less what I look like since everything gets spit up on or blowouts happen ONLY when I’m ready too! Haha also, life isn’t Mintu Be picture perfect.

As I started finally adding items to the cart after reading countless reviews & researching companies, I’ve been sure to take photos of what I’ve bought Carson, our son, so that I’m not overbuying anymore if possible for these sizes & as the weather will change soon.

He needs shorts but will he only wear them for two weeks? Can I still squeeze him into the 0-3 month shorts and hope he’s still comfortable? The pants are going to be big because already bought most second hand and they are a bit large for him but we are rolling with it.

I hope you all enjoy checking out the links above for these beautiful baby items! They are all great quality and very easy to style if you have staples like these basics in your little one’s closet.

What do you prefer seeing your little one(s) in, Prints or Basics?!