One of my favorite things about Halloween is embracing the beauty of finding something unique. I’ve curated these profiles for the top 4 style decor looks as I kick off the 13 Days of Halloween.

Check out my picks for creating a special seasonal style at your home for outdoor, kitchen, dining room, & living spaces.

Oh & did I mention EVERYTHING in this post is in stock & UNDER $30!

Run don’t walk, ghoul friends!

For each look, I’ve selected an outdoor piece to inspire the theme as you look at your home and welcomed the aesthetic to travel throughout. From the moment you walk in something as inexpensive as a kitchen hand towel to the type of pumpkins, you choose to decorate with (bonus points if they aren’t fresh ones so you can continue to use them over the years).

One of the MOST IMPORTANT types of Halloween items to buy is the CANDY BOWL! That’s right, who says you have to use a boring plastic bowl or leftover Tupperware container? These candy bowls in each look are not only functional but fun and still a bargain find.

I’ve included a kitchen hand towel in each look, which is one of the most cost-efficient ways to spruce up a space and swap them out based on personality or when they’ve been used enough to warrant throwing it away to get a new one. Each look also contains a rug for the front entry (indoor or outdoor), some pumpkins or skulls for Halloween, a dining table centerpiece & table runner, some fun odds and ends to decorate a mantle if you have one, end tables, or coffee table conversation pieces, beautiful throw pillows for an office, sofa, or even your bedroom (wherever you’ll see them & enjoy them the most), and as I mentioned…the iconic Candy Bowl that is a MUST for Halloween.

Glam Halloween

This look is so exciting to me!

I love the blood-red, flocked pumpkins and skull.

It feels so eerie and elevated!

Erica Mintu

I recommend to achieve this style, try mixing in some metallics like the gold foil-edged cheese board that you can set a candle on or additional decor when you’re not hosting, is an effortless way to style your kitchen with little money. The dark, velvet, and beaded pillows are hauntingly home worthy, and last but not least the dining room set up with a classic haunted house and spiders in their web are worthy of any dinner party & great conversation pieces.

Think of this look at glittering, girlish, goodness…say that 3x fast.

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Classic Halloween

It wouldn’t be Halloween without all of the ‘Classics’.

Am I right?

From candy corn to orange jack-o-lanterns. Black cats to stretched out spider webs. Bats and ghosts. Witches and potions! Fall leaves and everything all Orange, Black, & White. It’s as memorable as you can get.

It doesn’t matter who you are but these are the cornerstone to what I think of when it’s this time of year. When you simply cannot pick one, use them all! A welcome sign with a stack of pumpkins by the front door, some spider webs spanning across the living room wall’s gallery photos, a throw pillow on your favorite chair to read to your children, a beautiful table cloth to instantly dress up the dining room with a candy corn centerpiece that’s too cute to eat!

It’s simply the best of the best of Halloween while still keeping every item under $30!

A little garland goes a long way when you add in a pop of color in the kitchen with the hand towels too! I’m a huge fan of this look because it’s something nearly everyone enjoys and buying pieces that aren’t trendy.

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Neutral Halloween

This look…THIS LOOK Y’ALL…It’s soooooo good.

It literally hugs me just looking at it. It’s some of my most favorite things of fall, the comfort of soft throw blankets, a candle, textures, and a mix of natural colors that show a turn of a new season is coming. It’s warm, inviting, casual yet defined by a style that’s lived in and loved. I opted for the more minimal pieces to allow the textures and different elements to shine. Within this style profile, you’ll find leather, fur, and even an olive green, velvet pumpkin that is such a score when you don’t even need to think about where can I find something this pretty?!

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A rust-colored throw blanket on the bed and some linen pillows on your coziest chair, these items in this collection are what Fall dreams are made of. I am in love with the wooden spider lanterns, the rug which proves that well-styled pieces don’t have to be expensive they simply need to be intentionally bought, and this Candy Bowl is a lovely carved, wooden piece that can be used throughout Thanksgiving as well since there is no jack-o-lantern face within in. Move this functional, multi-purpose bowl into the kitchen for a fruit bowl or on a coffee table to hold a candle and remove throughout the entire Fall season to enjoy a piece that really brings style and a smile into your home.

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Spooky Halloween

Commitment to THE LOOK!!!

Who says you have to play in the safe zone with decor?

Erica Mintu

Halloween is LITERALLY THE SEASON to let your freak flag fly and have the best time doing so! Kids also really enjoy this look because it’s spooky, scary, and sensational. I’ve incorporated the wildest rug that is still on budget and paired it with this light-up, skeleton Candy Bowl. Complete your living space with a tombstone or spider web pillow, some black candlesticks for the dining room, and a menacing crow perched atop a skull in your study. Let’s bring the spook into this holiday season by embracing all the things that are dark, dangerous, and yes…still functional and UNDER $30 each!!!

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Now that you’ve seen these Top 4 Style Profiles for Halloween Decor, which one do you like most?!

Which items are you going to buy before it’s too late?!

We still have 12 days left until Halloween!!!