Brioche Brunch Florals

What’s your favorite brunch item?

I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than this flowering brunch plate!

I remember when this came out to my table, I thought to myself, ‘There is no way that I can eat this work of art.’ There was a lapse of about 2 minutes where everyone at my table exchanged looks at each of our selections from the Spring 2019 Weekend Breakfast menu at Henrietta’s at The Dewberry. Executive Chef. Michael Semanick prepared such a gorgeous highlight of the new season of Spring through his captivating use of colors, flavors, and almond cream.

“ The lobster omelette…from Henrietta’s is a baller way to brunch.”
Bon Appetit

This yummy little number was from the bakery and called, “Little Miss Bostock”. It was a delicious, warm slice of brioche with blackberry jam, almond cream, local nectarines, and blueberry served a la mode.

Just reading that makes my mouth water! I wish I could have another one. I had no idea this meal was going to be this large! I had thought it was just going to be a small plate dish from the bakery. So, to prevent the gas station snack stops on our upcoming trip home, I thought it’d be a good idea to order this as something to hold me over while I waited for my accompanying whole grains order of house made granola.

Guys, when I tell you this was the largest bowl of granola that I’ve ever seen. That is not an exaggeration. This was such a beautiful and unexpectedly large brunch that I couldn’t help but laugh at delight and overwhelment at how stunning all of our meals were and large the portions truly were.

One thing I truly appreciate about Charleston, SC is the amazing selection for foodies like me! I really enjoy trying out new places, flavors, and unique restaurants when traveling. Who doesn’t like to find the best prices too?! That’s me in a nutshell when we travel and the options in Charleston are too difficult to describe. But I’ll try!

Jay had the As You Wish for his meal which consisted of two eggs cooked to your liking (He prefers an omelette so that’s the route he chose), bacon, sausage or ham (He selected the chorizo breakfast sausage), breakfast potatoes or grits, choice of toast . Looks like he swapped out his breakfast potatoes for a fresh berry bowl of raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries! He said it was clean, delicious eating.

I noticed while we were driving around and talking to our friend who is a very successful real estate entrepreneur there, that there were TONS of options for restaurants that were not chains or franchise familiar to us. The thriving culture for local, mom & pop eateries and unique dives was amazing to see and experience. We didn’t really plan our days on this trip or our food stops which is very rare for me. I’m an itinerary girl and enjoy the adventure always but have a loose idea of the framework of where and when we want to be in a general area.

Henrietta’s was the last restaurant we visited on our trip and we ate this brunch right before we hopped on the road to head back to Tennessee. Their breakfast begins at 7AM and ends at 10:30AM. This dining experience, even for breakfast is lovely and southern hospitality at it’s finest.

I cannot wait to go back and actually try out dinner here or lunch! Next time, I’ll be sure to remember that I can actually book my reservation online before I get there so we have ample time to ensure we can dine there. They also have Wine & Dine Wednesdays where their wines are half off during lunch and dinner hours.  When we were there, we also noticed there was a great patio that would be the most precious place to eat on if it was warmer.

Keep up with their rotating menu (Which you can find ALL menus online at:

I just checked it their website to see if the Little Miss Bostock is still available. Guys, IT IS!! But with a Breakfast Fall 2019 twist. They have all the same ingredients except they’ve swapped the fresh nectarines for roasted plums! How delicious does that sound?! This meal was not only amazing to eat but it was the most Instagrammable dish that I had during that trip to Charleston. So, let’s all take a moment to give this gorgeous dish it’s time to shine & plan to stop by Henrietta’s at The Dewberry next time we are in Charleston, SC.