Who doesn’t love a great glass bottle drink?

It’s the classic refreshment! I had to share this simple moment that brought a little ‘sweet’ surpise to my busy day. I was out showing some properties in downtown, Knoxville, TN and it was an extremely hot day this summer. I knew I was losing my steam and needed a little sugar to get a little pep in my step. So, I popped into one of my favorite restaurants downtown and grabbed this delicious drink.

Have you all tried any of the delicious drinks from Boylan Bottling Company?

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Downtown Knoxville Breakfast & Brunch Spot

I’m not a huge breakfast person so for me to find something or somewhere that I love to go to for breakfast is kind of a big deal, considering most breakfast smells make me nauseous. Strange. I know. I’ve heard it my whole life as I silently sit there and try to smile through breakfast as everyone around me talks about the smell of syrup, eggs, bacon, and sizzling sausage.

Now, I’d like to go ahead and clear the air and say that I eat breakfast (when I have time). I do like all of the above but strong smells in the morning just don’t sit well with me, aside from my coffee. Lord knows ya girl needs her coffee.

But, it was well past breakfast and too hot for me to enjoy coffee but I love the scene and unique flavors found within The French Market Creperie

French Market Creperie

I almost always order bengiets while I’m in there but on this specific day, I found this great brand of flavored drinks. Black cherry is such a great flavor and I feel like it’s hard to find out and about. I grabbed it knowing that it likely wouldn’t be strong but a subtle sweet snack that wasn’t candy or something that I’d have to awkwardly eat in front of a client.

Needless to say, I am HOOKED on these drinks now! The flavor is actually amazing. Far beyond what I thought it would taste like and it’s not subtle at all. It’s very distinctively “Black Cherry” and not an artificial cherry flavor that one might think of.

Next time you’re downtown or in Farragut, TN try out The French Market Creperie for all of their delicious items on their menu or pick up a quick refreshment while you’re taking a stroll downtown like I did.

I took a brief stop to check out a new restaurant too and see what their menu looked like so I can talk Jay into coming downtown with me to try it out soon! I’ve heard great things about it.

Have you ever ate at The French Market Creperie?