Have you ever shopped at Altar’d State?

If You Haven’t, Here Are My Top 5 the Reasons Why I Love It:

  • Christian Based Clothing Company. This is the main reason why I can get behind this company. They give back to the community, have prayer request cards/books in their dressing rooms, and every employee is so kind and helpful. I’m not familiar with their hiring process, but one can only assume they take great pride in the faces that represent their brand and approach their shoppers on the floor.
  • Locally Created Business. This was actually such a surprise to me to find out when I moved to Knoxville, TN. I had learned about Altar’d State and shopped at their storefront in Lexington, KY when I lived there. The Hamburg Pavilion location was amazing and super convenient for me when I lived in Lex. I am all about supporting any local entrepreneur and to know that this company had its humble beginnings and its flagship store to begin here in Knoxville, TN is even more heartwarming for me.
  • Unique Finds. It never fails. Their modern clothing line is beautiful, elegant, comfortable, just the right amount of glitz with the right amount of distressing. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true. All my other girls who shop there will certainly be able to back me up on this! They have everything from day dresses to something more formal and floor length with the price point and styling options to dress any piece in their store up or down. 
  • Creative Fashion. Innovating with their accessories and adding the right amount of frills to a thermal is literally mind-blowing EVERY TIME I walk into any Altar’d State store.
  • Stunning Storefronts. From the checkout registers positioned on life size terrarium tables that are dripping in succulents to the frosted glass and magical forest of their Christmas displays. Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Altar’d State has it all. There is hands down no other store locally that inspires me with a storefront such as theirs. It’s the astounding attention to detail that leaves me speechless each time I see what they’ve done. There isn’t a single area of their stores that isn’t  

Depending on which corner of the country you live in, you may not have heard about this women’s fashion brand. To my knowledge, their stores are in about 30 states thus far. If you’ve been in one…you’ll know it. Their stores are unforgettable due to their attention to detail and impeccable design elements. It’s truly magical from the outside storefront that the allure alone is enough to bring you in. Then, let’s get to the smell. It’s also unforgettable. I have such a scent memory that I feel like it’s one of the best smells ever from any store that I’ve walked into.

Here are some of my most memorable moments for how I styled my Altar’d State finds and incorporated my style into a unique fashion moment. Also, I love it when influencers share that they spend their own money on items and notice how rare it is to see brand loyalty that’s lasted years!

Well, I certainly don’t have any partnerships with Altar’d State (Yet) but it’s a HUGE goal of mine to be able to work with them in the future since they have their headquarters here. With my distinct fashion parings, I think I can contribute to a unique outlook on styling their pieces that offers a fun twist that everyone will be #Mintu!


Behind the Scenes:

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