Dial Up One Time : CycleBar

Have You Ever Tried CycleBar?

CycleBar has EVERYTHING you need to NOT MAKE EXCUSES.

What if I don’t fit in?
-I’ve determined that is a lie. Everyone fits in and YOU, #RockYourRide As with all workouts, you go there for yourself and your health. No one else matters but you in that room and the person you can become.

What if I’m not good at spin?
-I’ve determined that is a lie. Everyone can spin! If you can walk , you can spin and you’ll be darn good at it too. (Just don’t drop your water bottle like I did).

I don’t have enough time.
-I’ve determined that is a lie. Did you know Knoxville has a CycleBar in Bearden! YES!! I was SO excited when they opened their location here. EVERYTHING you need to know about hours of operation, various classes, & instructor schedules are all on their website, below!


You can try it out on your own terms and the best thing is that the 1st ride is FREE!!

I don’t like working out by myself?
I want you to know that…Umh hello, an entire room will be full of people who are there for you! (FYI: ALL of the CycleBar Knoxville employees took time to speak to me in some way when I was there and they asked about the ride, our experience, & answered our eager questions before & after our workout. The staff is amazing and trust me, that’s what it takes to run a noteworthy business!)

I like working out early but then I’ll be sweaty and gross all day.
-I feel like it’s safe to say that CycleBar would want you know they also have a full beauty station with literally every essential you can think of to freshen up after your workout.

So here I am, a sweaty mess that is beyond thankful to have her water bottle back. But I’m in love with this kind of workout and I’ll never look back and say, “Wow…Erica, I wish you never talked yourself into that”. I’m already checking my schedule for when I’ll be back in town so I can go back next week!

Best sweat session ever!

Here’s a story that’s #MintuMakeYouLaugh

I’m laughing just thinking of it.

If you’ve ever tried a spin class or if you’ve never tried a spin class…

First things first, you absolutely need to check out @cbknoxville I haven’t been there in so long and my love has been reignited from my awesome experience on Monday with the @easttnbossbabes and @cyclestartyler

Second of all, if you’ve never tried a spin class here is one KEY THING to know going in.

If you dance while on your bike because the music is bringing you all the #ILoveThe90s vibes, then make sure that you don’t quite literally shake your water bottle off the bike. I say this because, you have to clip your shoes and feet to the pedals and once you’re on the bike…baby, you’re on that bike until fate, destiny, or too much dancing shakes you off of it.

Shoutout to #CycleBar those bikes are built so well and I had such a smooth ride aside from when I decided to literally #RockMyRide from high-fiving those around me

Soooo there I was in the dark. Surrounded by 20+ of my girlfriends. All of us pedaling to the beat & high fiving each other. When it happened, I shook my bottle out of the drink holder. It fell to the floor and I momentarily forgot that I was clipped onto a bike.

I tried to lift my foot up and take a step down and I stayed on the bike but my entire torso fell into my thighs & I became unsteady. The bike kept spinning and my thigh and knee rotated into my chest two times before I realized why I wasn’t getting off my bike to get my water. It. Was. Hilarious. I looked over at @rachelhopkins99 to tell her I dropped my bottle and she was already laughing as I was trying to claw the ground for it.

I kept pedaling and raised my hand to see if anyone could help me but….I was drowned out in the crowd of all of the women unceremoniously clapping, throwing their hands up, singing, pedaling, etc.

So, I went without my water because I also realized this isn’t like an airplane, there is no “Call for Service” button on these bikes. Thankfully, I was only 12 minutes left in the ride and we started our cool down soon after. Not sure if you noticed any of this in the dark @cyclestartyler but thanks if you did and thanks if you didn’t and for simply initiating the cool down at the exact time when you did.

Look at that beautiful water bottle that I recovered post-workout. Holding onto her tightly because that was one heck of a sweat sesh!