I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, the upcoming personal residence move/new build, my real estate career evolving, the new business venture I’m launching in 5 days, or the fact that in exactly 48 hours we will be announcing the gender of the greatest blessing we have been gifted by God…

As you all can see, just a light week for me! Keeping it super casual during pregnancy. Getting lots of rest.

While reflecting during lunch today & doing my daily mental self-check to see how I’m feeling & baby is doing, I really found myself deep in prayer and awe.

It feels like just yesterday we were surrounded by friends & family at our wedding. Laughing, loving every minute of it, and blissfully unaware of the blank pages we would fill in this new chapter of our lives.

Now, here we are. Leveling up in our marriage & filling up the last pages of this chapter in the next few months. Almost promoted to parents. I remembered all the notes I took of what I wanted to include in my wedding vows to Jay. I spent a minute today opening up our vow books & rereading what we shared to one another. Then, of course…I had to open our wedding video again.

I DO NOT ADVISE THIS WHILE PREGNANT. I’m still crying from it.

The wedding video hit differently this time. Again, not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, the fact that not everyone who wants to come by this weekend cannot due to all that’s going on in the world, or the fact that those words that I know we both so carefully chose & prayed over still resonate so seamlessly with the moment in life we are at today.   

These excepts from our handwritten vows are in our video but I wanted to re-write them because they still ring true & so very much apply to all the excitement, stress, emotions, and memories that Jay & I are experiencing this week.

Me – “I promise to be your rock in ways that I can & never stop dreaming of what next project or business that we can take on.”

Jay – “I will honor you and build you up.”

Me – “We have such a beautiful life together & I have no doubt that it will continue to grow with our own little wontons running around.”

Jay – “I will be your biggest fan, your greatest supporter, & do more than just have your back, because I will be by your side.”